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Employee Transfer Application Form

Application for Transfer of DSWOs/ASWOs/Superintendents/Managers/HWOs/Class IV
(who have completed 3 years of continuous service in all cadres at a duty station as on 01-05-2018)

1) Aadhar Number*
2) Name of the Employee
3) Date of Birth
4) Gender
5) Designation*
6) Working Station*
District  Place  
7) Date of joining the present station* [YYYY/MM/DD]  
8) No. of years of continuous service completed
in all cadres at the present station as on 01-05-2018 (oldest first order)
Sl.No  Cadre  Date of Joining  Upto 
1.* [YYYY/MM/DD] 
9) Native Details*
District Mandal Revenue Division
10) Date of Superannuation* [YYYY/MM/DD]
11) Employee Seeking transfer on*

Declaration: I hearby declared that the above information furnished is true, if any information is found to be untrue I shall be liable for disciplinary action.